Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 Watch

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The Rolex Oyster Sky-Dweller 326935 has a revolution on the calendar display, which offers the complication watch an excellent solid. Such a calendar comes from Saros, a delicate gadget. This is Rolex’s patent gadget and it got the inspiration from the astronomical phenomenon. This calendar can automatically distinguish the month with 30 days and 31 days, thus presenting the right time all year round, as long as you made an adjustment on 1st, March, due to the 28 days or 29 days of February difference.

The intelligent system

The amazing part of Saros is that it can tell the difference between months with 31 days and 30 days, thus automatically displaying time correctly. This intelligent system of the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 relies on the simultaneous changing date system and four gears to drive.


You can choose to adjust calendar, local time and reference time when you rotate the Ring Command of the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 for one jump, two jumps and three jump in counterclockwise. Once you pick the adjustment of this Rolex watch, you can screw crown at both directions to achieve a quick adjustment.

Rolex’s reflection of its sense of value

Ring Command of the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 reflects the new interactive relations between case and movement and Rolex has completely mastered the design and processing techniques on all components. Rolex has been adhered to such kind of interactive relations and choose the functionality and well physical wearing experience as the prime value that it pursues.

9001 movement

For the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935, the brand-new Sky-Dweller movement 9001 automatic winding reflects Rolex’s techniques. It is developed by Rolex and there are 308 components inside it. So far to now, this is the most complicated movement that Rolex has ever developed.  9001 movement shares the same structure as other movements that are set on Oyster series, reliable and precise.

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Know More About Tool Watches

If you are fairly active and needs something you can wear every day, then you can choose a tool watch. The tool watch is designed for a specific purpose more than telling time. As the moniker connotes, a tool watch must be durable and adjustable, which has multiple uses. Specifically, certain job functions are what separate a tool watch from a dress watch.

Despite the ubiquity of electronic timekeeping in this day and age, there was a period during WWII and later in the 1950’s that the concept of a “tool watch” was born, and Rolex certainly defined the concept. Rolex innovations and patents such as being water tight, self-winding, and readable at night underlie the concept of a tool watch. Rolex replica watches has links to many areas of specialist timekeeping, and the connection with diving that has made the greatest impact on the public at large. The Submariner was launched in 1953, and it was the first divers’ watch waterproof to a depth of 100 metres. It had a rotatable bezel so that divers could easily read their dive time. The Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller was presented in 1967, waterproof to 610 metres, with helium escape valve for use during long decompression phases in hyperbaric chambers. In 1978, it was the turn of the Sea-Dweller 4000, waterproof to 1,220 metres.

Wristwatches have been a part of aviation since its inception. In fact, one of the first purpose-specific men’s wristwatches ever made was for a pilot friend of Louis Cartier back in 1904 (the iconic Santos watch). In the decades after, watchmakers built on that original design to make timekeeping easy for pilots taking off into the wild blue yonder, most notably with the addition of a chronograph. Back in the 1930s, the Swiss company Breitling made onboard chronographs for planes in the Royal Air Force so pilots could determine their speed, distance traveled, and fuel consumption. In the 1940s, they decided to put their chronograph on a wristwatch — creating the Breitling Chronomat, as well as the mold for future aviator watches.

The Rolex Daytona was engineered in 1963 as a perfect timing tool of professional race car drivers. It is built with a highly accurate and reliable chronograph and tachymeter scale which can be used by racers to precisely measure their speed of up to 400 kilometer per hour. This popular and admirable watch is truly legendary in the motor sports world. If you value luxury, speed and performance, then the Rolex Daytona is perfectly right for you.

Breitling Watches: Reviews on the Breitling Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel

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replica watches sale

Breitling makes wrist instruments for professional pilot, and these pilots proudly wear the Breitling branded watches, which are like the medal of honor. Breitling also produces precision wrist watches for personalized men, who hope to take fighter to travel around the sky and have dared to challenge the limit to chase the spirit of freedom in daily life. Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel wrist watch is on the appeal of such a man can’t refuse. Now, Breitling watch replica reinterpret its special aesthetic spirit to launch the global black steel edition of set limit to only 1000 wrist watches. Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel wrist watch limited edition (Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel) adopts unique black steel quality, from the dial and case to the original star rotating bezel and stainless steel braided chains, all present extreme black, coolness and magnificence and solidness of the Breitling replica watches.

Because Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel Breitling wrist watch adopted the star watch circle, so the wearer can easily operate it freely even when wearing gloves, and its two-way rotating bezel ensures flying ring sliding scale of the Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel operation simple and accurate. Sophisticated gear and rack system ensure that the Breitling watch waterproof performance is up to 200 meters (600 feet) to achieve the great performance breakthrough among the similar watches. The Fashion glaring square time scale and the large 12 square time scale and the large pointer are coated luminous coating to ensure the best readability and clarity, even in the dark environment it is still easy to read the time. With automatic winding timing movement authenticated by the Swiss government observatory (COSC), it ensures the high precision and short supply measurement accuracy as well.

The appearance of resolute determination technology perfectly combined the special design with a real pilot instrument of professional technology to make you feel the fantastic passion of the replica Breitling watches, Chronospace Automatic Blacksteel wrist watch limited edition: professional pilot wrist medal of honor.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Two Quality Watches

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luxury replicas watches

A.Lange&Sohne1815 Series 233.032 18K rose gold watch

Brief comments: Lange was born in Germany in 1845. 1995 is the 180th anniversary birthday of Mr. Lange. A.Lange&Sohne launched the 1815 series to commemorate for him. This watch is also used Lange 233.032 18k rose gold and brown alligator watchband. The watch case is 40 millimeters in diameter and 8.9 millimeters in thickness. It is very suitable for everyday formal wear. The color of silver watch dial is pure. Narrow sword type blue steel pointer, digital scale, railway minute scale and other elements pay tribute to Lange’s early traditional watch. The small blue pointer of the dial also sets off the elegance of the wrist watch. It is Equipped with Lange l051.1 manual winding movement, which can provide energy reserves of up to 55 hours.

Piaget Altiplano G0A42052 Watch

Brief comments: the grain of rusty green alligator strap is very clear. The stitching is also made of green thread, neat and uniform. It uses 18K polished gold needle buckle, which is more solid. From the side of the watch, you can feel more directly how thin the watch is. The thickness of watch case is 6.36 mm, which is almost the same as that of the thickening strap. On the pine green dial, there are the simple two pointer indication and 3 o’clock date display. It features a simple, elegant gold scale and a slender Barton pointer. The radioactivity is visible at different angles. Color is the most outstanding feature of this wrist watch. It will be fashionable with proper matching. In addition to collocation of gold and pine green, this watch also has gray and platinum, blue and rose gold. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of ultra-thin watches is that they are easy to put inside the shirt cuff when wearing. The watch of Piaget is also very suitable for collocating with shirt. It is decent and generous.

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