The Beauty Of Rolex Watches – Need We Say Any More?

Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Every component is designed, developed and produced in-house to the most exacting standards. Just as a stunning piece of jewellery will make you feel like a million dollars, a beautifully-crafted Rolex watch will make you both looking and feeling great. Plus, they can be worn all day every day, these watches definitely come alive at special occasions.

Precious metals, stainless steel, ceramic, mother-of-pearl, precious stones…Rolex rigorously selects the materials for its watches. Each bridge of the movement, each wheel, each pinion, each element of the case, bracelet or dial is made of a material that has been meticulously selected and constantly re-evaluated to guarantee its performance and its impeccable aesthetics. These Rolex watches replica are stunning. With a Rolex on your arm, you’re guaranteed to turn heads, whether you’re at the office, a social function, or off exploring the outdoors. When you buy a Rolex watch, you are perfecting your image , and you’re making an investment for years to come.

If you don’t already own a Rolex watch, it may come as a surprise to see just how many models are available these days, each with their own unique look, each with their unique characteristics, and each with their unique history. Simple, robust, water-resistant to 100 metres and endowed with an exceptional automatic movement, the Oyster Perpetual is the heart and soul of Rolex; Designed in 1953 for underwater exploration, the Rolex Submariner was a robust technical dive watch that looked perfectly at ease underwater as it did in an elegant casino setting and accompanied Connery in all his six of his 007 screen appearances.

With a new 42mm case size, enlarged hands and superior luminescence, the Rolex Explorer II comes with a large orange GMT hand that indicates home or reference time on the 24-hour bezel, a valuable function for explorers who might find themselves in a dark cave or places on Earth where the sun never sets; Immortalised by Paul Newman in the early 1970s and indelibly associated with the world of high-speed auto races, a stainless steel Daytona is the ultimate chronograph many men dream about.

And these just a few models of Rolex watch, we could talk about Rolex models all day long. All in all, these Rolex watches are so beautiful, durable and reliable that they’ll last you years and years.

The Best Rolex Daytona Reviews

The Rolex Daytona is one of the most iconic and renowned Rolex watches in the market. A Rolex Daytona on your wrist is a solid indicator of status and luxury. It shows the world that you value luxury, speed and performance.

Rolex Daytona has a long history: it was first introduced in 1963. Rolex releases the Cosmograph Daytona, which is designed for endurance motor racing. It is built with a highly accurate and reliable chronograph and tachymeter scale which can be used by racers to precisely measure their speed of up to 400 kilometer per hour.  The 50-year+ Daytona was inspired by race car drivers and racing enthusiasts all over the world. In 1969, the watch’s popularity was actually catapulted by actor Paul Newman in the racing film “Winning.” Because of Newman, who played racecar driver Frank Capua in the film, different style Daytona models were eventually named after him and also many vintage Paul Newman Daytona models are highly valued by collectors today.

There are a lot of variations when it comes to the modern Cosmograph Daytona. The watch comes in practically every metal that Rolex uses to make watches: gold (yellow, white or rose), platinum, two-tone, and stainless steel. As the pictures described, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona with the black Cerachrom bezel released in 2016, is tough, smart, and has a tachymeter scale whose legibility is enhanced by a thin layer of PVD platinum on the markings.

The dial is in two versions, black or white. The case is 40 mm in diameter, in 904L steel. The watch has an Oyster bracelet with a 5 mm comfort link. The Oysterlock safety clasp prevents accidental opening. The case is water-resistant to 100 metres, with screw-down caseback. The Cosmograph Daytona with white dial, reference 116500 LN, costs €11, 550, £8,250. The version with black dial has the same price.

The Rolex Daytona Replica UK is truly remarkable due to its superb quality construction and state of the art timekeeping mechanism. There are so many variations of the Rolex Daytona that you will surely find the right combination that your style demands. This watch is highly recommended to men who are seeking for a distinguished timepiece with an astounding history.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 Watch

fake rolex watch
fake rolex watch

The Rolex Oyster Sky-Dweller 326935 has a revolution on the calendar display, which offers the complication watch an excellent solid. Such a calendar comes from Saros, a delicate gadget. This is Rolex’s patent gadget and it got the inspiration from the astronomical phenomenon. This calendar can automatically distinguish the month with 30 days and 31 days, thus presenting the right time all year round, as long as you made an adjustment on 1st, March, due to the 28 days or 29 days of February difference.

The intelligent system

The amazing part of Saros is that it can tell the difference between months with 31 days and 30 days, thus automatically displaying time correctly. This intelligent system of the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 relies on the simultaneous changing date system and four gears to drive.


You can choose to adjust calendar, local time and reference time when you rotate the Ring Command of the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 for one jump, two jumps and three jump in counterclockwise. Once you pick the adjustment of this Rolex watch, you can screw crown at both directions to achieve a quick adjustment.

Rolex’s reflection of its sense of value

Ring Command of the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935 reflects the new interactive relations between case and movement and Rolex has completely mastered the design and processing techniques on all components. Rolex has been adhered to such kind of interactive relations and choose the functionality and well physical wearing experience as the prime value that it pursues.

9001 movement

For the Rolex Sky-Dweller 326935, the brand-new Sky-Dweller movement 9001 automatic winding reflects Rolex’s techniques. It is developed by Rolex and there are 308 components inside it. So far to now, this is the most complicated movement that Rolex has ever developed.  9001 movement shares the same structure as other movements that are set on Oyster series, reliable and precise.

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Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116520 Watch

fake rolex daytona
fake rolex daytona

A few years ago, I worn a golden head belt Daytona, I always felt uncomfortable, and it was top-heavy. Later I sold it, I also lost a lot of money in my impression. Then I was addicted into PN, I tried the new 116520 several times, I think it is very good, but I still feel I will have a large rate to see the same watch of other people. Then it has fail to start. Once time, I got a 16520 Fritillaria drill face disc. Until the emergence of the dial, I truly have my own Daytona watch. At that time, in order to use the surface, I was looking for a long time to find a favorite black 16520.As soon as I got the watch, I immediately sent it to the familiar watch stores to maintain, after waiting for probably one month, I finally got my DIY Fritillaria drilling 16520.Careful friends may be able to see it that this configuration is definitely the one and only.

As for the feeling, wear comfortable, appropriate size, precise resistance, diurnal inequality daily 3-5 seconds, chronograph although is not top but first-class level, power storage is also quite good, then I matched a retro belt for it. What do you think? It is very beautiful, right?

Last year, 116506 was listed, the watch is very general on photos. It is more beautiful in the store than on many photos. Until one time I went to the watch shop and tried out the watch with my friend, when I put it in my hand, I truly think it is really value, it is really too heavy. The platinum 116509 is heavier, brown porcelain ring and dial circlet away, the ice blue face is cool!  If wear it in summer, the feeling is very refreshing! If you have enough money, ice blue 116506 indeed is a good choice. But if you are lucky, you can gain a good PN for this price. How would you choose? If me, I will choose the PN, because that is my dream, I will try my best to make it a reality. Or I will also consider the replica rolex submariner for its excellent performance.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Explorer I And Rolex Air King Watches

Here is the warm Spring days now, have you planed going out for more outdoor activities? If so, a sporty watch is necessary for you. Just pay your attention to the Rolex sporty watches. But here comes another question: which one is the right one for you, as there are so many sporty watches in the Rolex brand. Yes, a lot of watches fans have no idea which one to choose between the new Rolex Explorer I and the New Rolex Air King watch.

For these two rolex look alike watches, I personally more prefer the new Rolex Air King, for its dial surface that looks a little messy, and the golden crown time scales and the green Rolex time scales, and also the green second pointer with the luminous dot. Sometimes I always think that if all Numbers time scales of the Rolex New Air King watch are all adopting luminous design, that would be the perfect product, and it would be very beautiful. Authority figures show that not matter from the click volume, or the reviews volume, and the collection volume, the New Rolex Air King watch is hotter than the new Rolex Explorer I watch, which means that more people feel like this new Rolex Air King watch.

So, now what is your idea now? If you show your interests on this fantastic Rolex watch, just come to the next question: where to get the lowest price on this excellent Rolex sporty watch? So many consumers are concern about this topic, even if he is elite, he also would like to know more about it because no one does not like discount, and no one like to spend money that does not need to. Then, here I will recommend a very reliable Rolex watch online store for you, from where you can enjoy low price and get quality guarantee.