Mother’s Love is greatest, Providing Watches for Mother’s Day

Along with the arrival of Mother’s Day, Let us be filled with gratitude into a gift and present the gift to the most important people of our life, eulogizing the great mother’s love as warm as sunlight.

Breguet Reine De Naples 8939 watch

The Model 8939 includes 76 square diamonds on the bezel and the case, weighing about 6.06 karats. The hour markers are rounded by 42 square diamonds, weighing about 2.77 karats. The 8939 model is equipped with self-winding movement and the Breguet Blue hands.  The gorgeous bracelet is made of pink Akoya pearl from Tahitian, adding much glory excepting the mop dial. In addition, the strap have radiant diamond bracelet and introverted elegant silk to choose, is a rich choice for mother.

Longines – Elegant collection Rose Gold Diamonds watch

The Longines elegant collection rose gold diamonds watch speaks elegance original will with graceful design, interprets the euphemistic, exquisite feminine breath of mother with Fruity line design. The 52 pieces of diamonds inlaid on the rose gold case and the 12 pieces of diamonds hour markers on the white mop dial supports each other, emitting mothers’ mature and intellectual charm beauty. The watch is equipped with L.595 automatic movement Replica Watches USA, which stands for that the warm time will be kept in the deep heart, constantly exist.

Mido – Donna Collection Long energy MOP Diamonds Watch

The inspiration of The Mido Donna collection is from the Rennes Opera House in France which is built with classic style in 18th Century and is the classic work of Architectural history. The designer make the simple elegant classic beauty into the watch, Carefully orchestrated the Swiss Mido Donna ladies watch; the watch adhering the Rennes Opera House’s smooth outline,  which interprets the gentle and elegant temperament of a women perfectly. The rose gold case and 28 diamonds shining, just like the the beautiful time of her; and the round body with gold light, just like the soundness love of mother accompanying with us to grow up.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak collection Quartz Watch

The Audemars Piguet Royal oak quartz watch uses the unique diamond setting design, and the gyrate diamonds pattern was spread from the dial, the bezel to the whole bracelet, so amazing. Inheriting the centuries-old tradition of Audemars Piguet in the diamonds setting craftsmanship area, the diamonds which were been chosen by Audemars Piguet royal oak quartz watch are not just as decorative elements, but also from the overall design of view to consider, the diamonds should be together with the bracelet, dial and bezel, let the watch show a unified style. It seems like a bunch of gorgeous jewelry on mother’s wrist, shiny.

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